The Strength of Stories

Legends. Myths. Poems. Magazines. Operas. Plays.  Novels. Breaking News. Movies. Bedtime Stories. 
…The list goes on…
When formed with the right words in the right combination…
……stories have the strength to impact readers, watchers, consumers – for generations.

The Power of Storytelling can inspire the masses.
But Stories crafted poorly will inspire few…


Stories crafted well....
....have the energy to move mountains....
...and momentum to change lives.

I need you to do something for me. I know we are strangers. But I need you to trust me…..

….stop what you are doing. look around you…and what do you see? I bet I can guess what you see……

I bet that in front of you is a product. And on that product – are words In fact, you can see words every where your eyes land…on the binding of that book on your desk; the stickers your kid put on the wall, your shoes; on the mattress tag you secretly want to tear off… (or is that the pillow?)

Good idea you didn’t take that bet… 

Turns out, I can see the same thing where I am at too. Wherever you look....there are words

Stories crafted well….
…sell themselves.

I am guessing you already knew that. 

And I am going to make an educated guess that you have a product or a service….

….and you are having a problem connecting with – or to – your customers…

….which is why you are on the search for a solution.

…maybe your super power isn’t words….
…..maybe you are overwhelmed with all the things….
….maybe you know what might be the problem…
…but who’s got time for that?

You know what you have is going to change lives….

…so that can’t possibly be the reason…

You poured your heart and soul into this….

….but watching the sales trickle in is disheartening…

You have a hard time falling asleep…

….your brain just. can’t. solve. the problem. HELP!

You understand that it’s OK to reach out for help…

…You are right where you need to be…. Welcome!

My name is Kelly… And I have the time for that. 


Did you know: more than half of all Hollywood movies follow the same foundation? It’s known as the “hero’s journey.” It’s called that for a reason…


Aint that some truth! I know I am a sucker for a story whose main character is a fighter, a survivor, a dreamer, a warrior. An overcomer.

A hero. An Inspirer. A Persuading reminder of what it means to not give up. To not back down from a challenge…to aim for the sky….

….ahhhh….so that’s why they call it the “hero’s journey”clearly Hollywood is on to something…

Storytelling knows no limits. It reaches every corner of our world.
Which makes it that much more important to get the formula right.

Breaking News: 
Your product/service – is NOT your story. 
Your story – is you.

(This is a fantastic story)

Spoiler Alert: People do not buy because of any sort of logic. They may want to believe that. But they buy because something they read or heard – made them feel a certain way. 

Storytelling crafted well  influences what comes next: 
> Change 
> Inspiration
> Investment
>….or not…

How well crafted is your story?

So...why should you care?

The presentation is just as important as the story itself...

....maybe even more so...

Shall we stop wasting time and get to the point of why we are all gathered here today?
Okay….fine. Moving along….

What is Copywriting? for $500 Alex (Rest In Power)


Content Creation

Copywriting Is:  
words + emotions + ideas =
a storytelling formula that is designed to sell or persuade

Purpose of Copywriting: 
the market has a problem and a company has a solution 
to compel the market to choose them
How do we know if it works? 
cold, hard numbers. Oh and increased revenue and goals surpassed. 
Where Copywriting can be found: 
wherever the people are – who need to be compelled to take action

Content Creation is: 
words + emotions + ideas =
a storytelling formula designed to educate, entertain, or to inspire

Purpose of Content Creation:
the market wants knowledge that companies have 
to build trust & authenticity with the customer
How do we know if it works? 
humans will come to you because they know they can trust you
Where Copywriting can be found: 
wherever the people are – who need to be inspired to take action

In a Post 2020 world - fact is... is not impossible, but your journey is going to be that much harder if you do one and NOT the other

...Copywriting and Content writing can blend seamlessly together in order to leave a stronger impact the time you figure out the formula for today's consumer - you are already playing catch-up.

In a Post 2020 world - fact is... you need a Copywriter who understands real consumers who live real lives.


You need a Copywriter whose made it their mission to find a solution that will inspire your audience to Act how you Need them to.

(I couldn’t locate the original source but google “consumer journey” and there are more just like this one)

All products (and companies) follow a fundamental life cycle. There is no escaping the cycle. It is what it is.

My specialty:
crafting your passion into a customized story that inspires people to be compelled to take the the action you NEED them to.

Your specialty:
Your passion is perfecting your product, your service – to be the inspirational change you know it can be

So……are you ready to take your passion to the next level? 
Are you ready to challenge yourself to push outside of your comfort zone….
…and finally experience your dreams become a reality?

My challenge? Is to make sure your story is told….no matter what form that looks like…
I never back down from a challenge.

Your challenge, shall you accept…is to explore the stories on these pages. 
See if you can finally see your story coming to life.