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For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.
I am here to be your Business Strategist and Word Artist.

Enjoy the freedom that comes when you finally have a clear business strategy.

Captivating, confident, kickass strategies And Content bring dreams to life

Running your own business, heck – owning your own business – can be liberating, exciting and an adventure worth every milestone you achieve.

It is also a journey that CAN be scary, frustrating, overwhelming.

You are going to run into roadblocks, obstacles, and decisions that make you want to scream into the universe because strategies aren’t your forte and you are already running out of daylight.

Thankfully, just because it’s a journey that CAN be hard – doesn’t mean it HAS to be.

When you have a clear strategy, you win.

Whether you need a new one or fine tune your current one, your strategy MUST be clear.
Your words MUST be powerfully captivating so your customers see no other option. 
And your website MUST be cohesive and concise to keep those eyeballs moving on your page.

Without those three pieces – content, strategy, and design – what’s the point?

That’s why I am here.

Spirited Wolf Media will help you switch your lens and shift your perspective so you will finally have that winning strategy you have desperately been chasing after.

A few things I am really good at

Authentic Storytelling
& Powerful Editing

Your customers don’t want a cookie-cutter interaction. They want to experience your brand like they are a part of your brand. They want to relate, feel connected. And that’s where the power of words comes into play.

SEO Research

Research can be tedious and time-consuming. But SEO Research is key to creating your roadmap to success and the first step in knowing your audience and growing a community. I could do it in my sleep if I didn’t love my 8 hours so much. You get the benefits of my passion.

Finding Solutions
& Winning Strategies

Whether you need help building roots, gaining visibility, or growing a community – I will help you find the right solution, the winning strategy.
Whether you are stuck, overwhelmed, or not sure what to do next – I will help you carve your own path.

The Keys to Success

My mission is to help you take control of your definition of success.

By merging my love of the human experience with my infinite desire to understand how everything works behind the scenes – I make sure your copy relates, inspires, and engages your customers.


Humans make decisions based on emotion first before resorting to logic to rationalize their decision.

Your content must deliver both and I can make sure you have the right words and the right strategy to do that.


Whether you are new to the world of business, losing sleep being unsure what comes next, or have made frenemies with the business “stuff” –
I have the know-how to help you carve your own winning business strategy.

The Secrets of Success

You are a human first, a business-owner second. So stop stretching yourself thin, or pushing to the max nonstop because burnout is real.

And when you are burnt out while your dreams for your business are finally coming true:
what’s the point?

The goal is to find balance. But how?


Whether you are: overwhelmed, confused, stuck –
I have the solution.
Because if you are willing to fight to bring your business dreams to life – then I will fight alongside you.


Whether you need: inspiration, advice, or a different perspective – I have the lens.
Because if you are ready to change a variable or two – then I will help you figure out where to focus.

You get one first impression

The right word at the right time in the right place: Priceless

Content that converts is more than just stringing together enough words for a complete sentence.

It is empathic, and understanding, and relatable.

It is engaging, and welcoming, and piques curiosities

Content that converts packages your story, your voice, your dreams and everything in between to create a cohesive brand message makes people come back for more.

Turn right sign with left arrow
The wrong direction takes you nowhere

The right strategy at the right time in the right place:


Your business strategy is your key to success.

Without it, or with the wrong one, you will either flounder and drown before your business has a chance, or you will be flying white knuckle by the seat of your pants.

Neither is fun.

The right strategy is easy to follow, easy to implement, easy to follow, and makes it easy for you to focus on the things you actually want to focus on:
Research, Development, and Production (R&D&P)

Much like content, you get one first impression.

The right design at the right time
in the right place:
Worth it’s weight in gold

We live in an online world. Period. Even if you have a physical store front, your online presence is what potential customers will look for first.
If you don’t have one, you are missing out on $$$.
In today’s modern world, a social media presence is NOT enough. For starters, not all customers have social media, social media is limited, AND you DO NOT OWN the platform.
The answer: A Website
I am just the messenger, so don’t shoot me. But your online presence does NOT stop at a website.

Whether it is a print design or a website design, your framework MUST be accessible, and your design MUST enhance your customer’s Human Experience.

Otherwise, your winning strategy and your kickass content won’t matter.

Without these three pieces – content, strategy, and design – what’s the point?

My Services: How Can I Help You?

(aka the reason we are all here today)

I am a strategist and editor who helps entrepreneurs like you gain clarity, confidence, and authority in their brand.

I help small business owners and startups like you tell their stories authentically and powerfully so you can focus on bringing your business dreams to life through:


Strategies are what turns your ideas into products and services.

With the right strategy, you will find your audience and build your market share.

With the wrong strategy, you will be dead in the water.

Whatever step you are on, I will help you find the right (winning) strategy so you can stop wondering where your customers are..

Packages Available
Website Design

Some people will tell you not to bother with a website. And those people are wrong.

You need an online presence if you want to grow your business. It needs to be accessible. And if you have the dreams I know you have, you cannot afford to skip this step.

Ohplusalso – a great website can prove to your audience that you are legit, the real deal, and the only choice. Besides, websites run 24/7 and you need more sleep.

Packages available
Content Editing

Outside of Social Media – the easiest way to showcase your brand, build your personality, and prove to your prospects why they should pick you – is to create a blog that educates, informs, and inspires your audience.

All your content – new and current- must be readable. Editing is invaluable when putting your story out there.

Single and Packages Available
Author Packages

When you write a book, you want to make sure it is perfect before you hit that publish or submit button.

I offer a few services to help you make sure your heart and soul are ready for your readers.

From Beta Reading to formatting, I want to help your story shine.

Packages aVAILABLE
Product / Experience Reviews

People spend their hard-earned money with companies they believe in, companies they know won’t be a bad experience.
People don’t have the energy to interact with companies that might offer bad vibes. It’s rare for a consumer to NOT research you ahead of time.

Positive reviews are your golden ticket.

Super Power Packages

1-on-1 30 min virtual hyper-focused, fresh perspective sessions to help you work through specific issues

Easy-Peasy Lemon Squeezy

aka Process

We connect, I send you a set of discovery questions that we will discuss on our 15 minute call, and if we vibe – I will send a proposal with a quote.

Once you say YES! (and pay half up front*) (*unless otherwise discussed) – I will get to work on either crafting the captivating, confident, kickass content/strategy we agreed on while you finally have the time for some much needed self-care. I may have more questions so open communication is a must.

I will send you the rough draft to make sure we are still on the same page and headed in the right direction

Once you approve (w/ edits or not) – I will edit if need-be, polish, and package send you the final deliverables by the agreed upon deadline.

Just because it will be easy – doesn’t mean it is too good to be true.

You work hard to to master your craft, your service, your product. You have put your all into your passion. You know that other people will benefit from what you have to offer. But sometimes reaching your audience, or even selling yourself is not all rainbows and unicorns. Its called Life. I understand when things get hard.

So, when you work with me, our journey together will be anything but hard.

I pinky promise. It might even be *gasp* fun.

Ready to leave NOTHING on the table?

Smash that subscribe button if you are ready to take ahold of your dreams and stop spinning out before you can soar.

*I promise not to spam you. But I do promise to send you stories full of diverse perspectives on how you can elevate your strategy to be captivating, confident, and kickass.

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