My Why.

One topic I had already planned on writing about as part of my first 6 posts – was my “Why?”. More specifically – I already had a draft ready for inspiration to strike – titled: “Watching my Kid Become Mesmerized, Solidified my Why”.
A couple of weeks ago, or probably a month ago at this point… I was helping my 8yr old with a homework assignment. It was about the Rocky Mountains. More specifically – we read about the highest peak in Colorado – Mt Elbert – Standing tall at 14,440 feet.
Something we read spurred her curiosity and for the first time this Pandemic – I watched my 3rd grader fall in love with the world again.
She has complex needs. The mere thought of School has been a struggle since Preschool.  Distance Learning or Virtual Learning, whatever your county calls it – has added an extra layer of panic-inducing stress to our day.
You see…my kiddo had a whole team of staff that she could rely on, that knew her, that could help re-direct her, that knew exactly how to meet her on her level.
That is not to say that I cannot meet her on her level. But it does mean that I am only one person. I can only fulfill so many roles that my child needs daily. And sending her back to school when the schools open is absolutely not an option for our family. We are an immunocompromised household so we will make distance learning work no matter how many tears we shed in the process.
Where was I going with this? Ah yes…We talked about Mt. Elber. And then she asked if it was a Volcano. So we did some quick googling. Ok just kidding – I just did the googling and the Jury is still out. I don’t think it is a Volcano but I don’t think it’s not a Volcano. I am so confused.
Back on track. I probably told her “prolly” and then I probably asked her if she wanted to see a volcano erupt and of course she said yes. I googled volcano eruptions because I temporarily forgot youtube existed (to the horror of my child). And that is how we landed on Underwater Volcanos which led us to inner tubing down old sugar plantation canals to watching the lava from Mt Kilauea meet the Ocean and instantly solidifying, creating more land.
Sorrynotsorry - Its blurry. I had to take a picture before she saw me.
She soaked in all the information she could. At the end of the night – she ran to her bedroom, closed her door, and I hear her tell her sister – “volcanoes erupting is so cool!”
And it was at that moment, that my why was solidified. My gut instincts knew I was in the right place… right where I need to be.
It has been a few weeks since then. We watched a few more Volcano movies, and then Mt Kilauea came to life again after a series of earthquakes. So watching her watch an eruption in real-time (thanks to Youtube) – cemented not only my core motivation to succeed as a Copywriter but also added an extra layer to what our future as a family is going to look like.
You see….I have had a living list for a long time. A list of things, activities, experiences – to do with my family. But it was just a dream list. I have never been in a position to be able to do any of them. If not financially, health is standing in my way. All things I can change but have struggled too… for one reason or another…
Until now.
Being a Freelance Copywriter and Storyteller is my purpose in life. I have been searching for my purpose, my mission here on this Earth, for years. Fast forward to 2020, when my world completely shattered over and over again – and my future has never been in more focus, or close, or bright.
I am beyond excited to get started on this new journey. Staying at my current day job is no longer a feasible option.
Yes…I do know that opening my own business, and being a Freelancer is going to be hard. It is going to suck at times. There is no supervisor I can call. No team I can count on.
But opening my own business, owning my own business, working for myself – is the only way to live the life my girls deserve; the life I deserve; the life my husband deserves.
I know what dark days are. I am no stranger to wanting to stay in bed all day. But if this year taught me only one thing – it is to Just Keep Swimming. To never give up. To always keep fighting for what you know is the right path.
Watching my girls – well really my 8yr old because my 11yr old is already a pre-teen who doesn’t want to be in the same room as her parents…
….Watching my 8yr old watch volcano after volcano, with Wow’s mixed in between, followed by curious questions (coming from a kiddo with a language disorder – this is HUGE progress) – is the core motivation that is driving me to succeed. I am building my own business so I can show my girls the importance of perseverance and living your truth, honoring your passions.
I know this is my path. 

Trying to succeed is not in my freelance dictionary.
Succeeding, on the other hand, is and I am ready for whatever comes next.

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