The Roller Coaster that is Building a Website

The other day, a fellow Copywriter reached out to me. She saw my website and wanted to know more.
At first, I was completely surprised, shocked, speechless…
Someone saw my website and wanted to get more information from me? The first person to reach out to me because of my website?
She asked if she could ask me a few questions. And me being the open book that I am – didn’t hesitate to say yes.
I had planned to respond individually to each question but as I re-read her questions again, that original plan went straight out the window.
Eons ago….ok so back in like October…2020 so still eons ago – I decided Jan 2nd, 2021 –  would be the day I officially launch my website and announce from the tallest mountain in my house (aka the laundry pile) – that I am open for business!
Part of that plan was to have at least 6 blog posts on my website. As of this moment that I am writing this – it is Dec 29th, 2020. I have 1 done and 1 ready for final edits.
But not for lack of trying. 
Did you know that learning to build a website as you build it – is time-consuming? And frustrating. And terrifying. And Exciting. And scary.
Did you also know that an intense rush of pride and confidence comes from pushing publish on your first website?
But it is also mentally – and emotionally – draining. You need a vacation after building your first website. Or at the very least – take some time to recharge and refuel.
So to answer the 3rd question – my only concern before actually building my website – was making a website that was not user friendly. I mean, back when I realized I would need a website – it was a huge scary endeavor. So I did what I did best – and procrastinated. I had more important tasks to attend to anyways.
But then it finally came when I couldn’t ignore it any longer if I was going to meet my deadline. Thankfully, I just gained access to the AWAI “Build your Freelance Website in 4 days” webinar series. As my palms started to sweat and my heartbeat raced… I watched each video. I paused, backed-up, pressed play, took notes, and repeated the cycle.
As the narrator explained concepts, I began visualizing my website.
At the end of the 4-day webinar series – I had GRAND ideas. Such GRAND ideas that my basic level of WordPress was not going to work.
I was not ready to splurge on myself. Especially because I don’t have a single client yet. I still had this nagging voice in the back of my brain – that maybe this is just a pipe dream, that is going to fail so eh what’s the big deal…
It took me a while to finally face that voice but as soon as I did… I am pretty sure time sped up. Not that I need any extra pressure.
So to answer question #6 – The AWAI program for building a website was a great launchpad. It helped provide the foundation for what a great website needs to succeed, and how to shed fewer tears during the creation.

ohplusalso fun fact: I once shivered in fear at the mere thought of the amount of skill one must have to be a great website builder. 

I never in a million years thought I would ever have the skills to build a functional website. So I didn’t even try.

When I signed up for this webinar series, I went in with 1 expectation… to finally figure out what the difference is between a website host and a website server. And a functional website. So 2 expectations…

I didn’t have high hopes. I have never gotten past the lingo, how could this possibly be any different? 

Turns out…my brain actually likes this stuff….websites and designs and non-technical-technology. I learned so much in 4 days – that I am adding this skill to my services. 

But what blew my mind – is that this process made me believe that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I felt all the feels during the process.





Truth: I may be young, but I am not “pull an all nighter without a hangover” young……..

With that being said, if you are not ready to work, research, learn and dig deep to build your website – then this is not the program for you. But if you are ready to take the leap – this program is for you. But in all honesty… I am thankful that all of the vital pieces for building a freelance website – were in one place. Definitely saved me loads of time from finding random youtube videos that may or may not help me at all…

I have never had a website before. Well…I take that back. I have a personal blog. A basic personal blog. One that I cannot wait to use my new skills to update! But I digress.
I am brand new to the world of Freelancing. I am not new to the world of writing. But I am new to the world of getting paid to write stories that help others – whether to inspire, to sell, to persuade, to think…
And that is excitingly scary. A new adventure that I am doing my best to prepare for.
My website – is an extension of myself,  a living portfolio that I can send prospective clients to… a place that causes me immense pride to have created. Is it perfect? No. Far from it. But it is progress in the right direction.
So yes….the answer to question number 5 – I do see my writing career growing faster than ever before. I believe in my purpose. And I believe that my website is strong and captivating. There is nowhere else to go but forward.
Answers to Question 1 & 2 Up Next.

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