Fitbit Kid Challenge Begins

Day 313:
E has been amazing us recently with how interactive and talkative she is becoming.
I went to my room for my daily hour alone before I pass out….only to discover a wiggly 8yr old who took up residence in Mama and Daddy’s room today.
So I did what any sane parent in 2021 would do – and attached my Fitbit to my child bc I may or may not have told her that it tracks how well you sleep…
…to which she replied: “wha? Really? Thats sooooo cool. Can I wear it?”
She wanted to know if she could wear it all day tomorrow…
Me being the homeschooling substitute scientist teacher I am – said sure. Let’s get a full 24hr look at your stats.
And that my friends, is how I am going to get a full night’s rest…AND hit 10,000 steps tomorrow for the first time since who the heck knows when.
Rest well-child…Mama has some goals to hit tomorrow.
Also…I may or may not have agreed to buy them FitBit Aces because folx….listen here…I have 89lbs to lose so I can jump out of an airplane and it’s been so long since my kids have left the house – I am pretty sure they transform into vampires when the outside grazes their skin.
Fitbit…want to sponsor a trio of extroverted introverts who need some motivation to breathe fresh air? If the deal is good enough…I might be able to positively reward my husband….to make this trio an even double pair.
Oh also….happy #bidenharris day.

Today, we sleep….or at least our kids can for us. Tomorrow – we get to work.

(*This story is not sponsored by Fitbit. And I am not getting paid to write this)

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