Fitbit Kid Challenge – Results

Storytime Cont’d
Heads up: this is a long read. I have been mentally unable to write the past couple weeks…..Turns out I needed to release these words.
Sorry, not sorry.
Day 314:
The challenge came to an early end. But that’s ok!
She deemed my watch too…..ahem….ugly….and big. But ugly. But….Fitbit*…. let’s talk.
She did say she would totally wear a Fitbit Ace all the time because the colors are pretty.
So what did we learn on our little adventure? 

That that kid doesn’t need a whole lot of sleep yet she still managed to achieve a sleep score of 88….

…a score I have only attained 3x since August 29th, 2020.

I have hit 87 quite a bit though.
Haven’t once gotten above 88 in at least a year.

 I have never tracked my sleep score. Because I am fully convinced I might just be perma-exhausted at this point……
Moving on…
Before I even brought up the idea of getting the girls Fitbit Ace’s – I had to make sure
they have the sleep tracking feature.
Let’s be honest – it would be pretty neato to see what E’s little body is up to during those 48hr sleepless days she experiences.

Unfortunately…our study showed that she did not, in fact, get the recommended quantity of sleep for me…

…OR her. 

Not like that stopped her from using all the words she has been discovering lately

Oh oh oh oh…today – she told me a brand new word that I had NO CLUE she knew.
And of course…I have forgotten the cool word and will promptly remember it when I am 2 sheep away from dreamland. Blame it on the perma-exhaustion.
What about her steps? Did she get my 10k for me? No…?
Ok sooooooooo turns out I need to get the girls out of the house and moving some more.
But but but…. look… it’s almost been a year. It’s ok to go outside, get some fresh air.
I know…I know. We cannot do anything that might require First Responders. But let’s be honest – look in the hashtag dictionary and next to #AdventuringIsAHazardousOccupation is a pop-up photo of me…
In all seriousness… I know that as long as we are safe and socially distancing; following the laws and rules and regulations and guidelines. And as long as we are prepared… it’s ok to go for a walk.
I am going to be raw for a moment.
I had my fair share of Mental Health Dragons I was battling daily Pre-COVID.
And my girls are not strangers to anxiety.
We proudly take our daily medication so we can re-energizing our strength batteries so we can combat our anxiety dragons.
But as COVID has continued to infiltrate every single decision we have to make – it is wearing on them. On me.
These dragons are nastier. Heavier…..darker…
In the past 10 months – our girls have maybe left the property 10 times…if that. I venture outside of our home no more than 5 times a week.
For a few months there – the mere thought of needing to open the front door – caused anxiety/panic/sensory overload storms that ended in destructions and a few body holds.
I take full responsibility. I played an integral part in how our lives spiraled out of control. We are an immunocompromised household. So there is that.
But really – our pandemic didn’t start out like this. This mental place we are at now – this inability to leave our home to ground ourselves – wasn’t what we envisioned for our life.
Last April, my bestie passed away. And it brought me to my knees. My soul shattered day after day for months. So much so, that I had to fight to come back. I had to fight…to fight another day.
I am an adventurer. That is who I am at my core. One of the only things to survive the darkness…
But over the past 10 months…as an empath….my core disappeared into the void.
Covered by the pain of humanity…..of America.
I didn’t know what to do. So I did nothing besides doomscroll and be a fierce ally from a keyboard.
It isn’t until writing this, that my boss was right when she said I was in a holding pattern. Stuck. Frozen….lost…
My happy place is somewhere along that trail over there, where the sun sets and the stream finds its way to the Ocean.
My happy place is sitting on that perfectly timed butt shelf while I unscrew my water bottle, close my eyes, and take a few deep breaths to slow my heart.
At the top of the hill…or at the bottom…it doesn’t matter. Because my happy place is where the world around me….slows.
Where my brain can run thru that wildflower meadow over there by the clear cut.
Where my heart can refuel, and my soul can release the trauma.
I miss my happy place.
Whatever this existence we are living right now – went off-trail a long time ago.
Where was I going with this? Oh yes. Discussing the results of our super “scientific” Fitbit kid challenge.
Results: After crunching the numbers…using the new math skills I am learning this year as a 3rd/5th-grade substitute teacher, the final results are in.
17hrs and 25mins later:
> Sleep: 6hr 17mins
> Sleep Score: 88
> Steps: 3014 steps
> Hitting 10k daily goal: No
> Recommended adult sleep: Also No
In conclusion, 8yr old E is a much more efficient sleeper than I. Not meeting the recommended sleep length did not hamper her energy levels. However, her lack of movement will need to be monitored.
Recommendation: pitch Fitbit my Fitbit Kid Challenge Idea – obtain sponsorship to afford 2 Fitbit Aces.
P.s. I am not a scientist and this substitute teacher hasn’t made it to that part of the lesson plan this
P.p.s. totally gonna turn this into a homeschool activity.  Stats tell us so much about the world. Better start them young.
P.p.p.s hold on happy place! We will embrace again!

(*This story is not sponsored by Fitbit. And I am not getting paid to write this)

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