About Me

I took a leap of faith to pursue my dreams of writing and changing the world one person, one word at a time by inspiring people like you to find their confidence, helping them dig deep to find the courage, the strength, the umph to follow their business dreams.

My leap was messy, overwhelming, disorganized. I struggled.

But let me rip this band-aid off right now: Struggling as I did is part of the beautiful process of evolving as a human, and as a business owner.

“It’s OK to get stuck, become a couch pancake, see darkness. It’s OK to feel the feels. But don’t freeze and never fly.” ~ Me.

But the struggle doesn’t have to be lonely. The journey doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing trip.
I founded Spirited Wolf Media because I want people to know they aren’t alone in their struggles. That not everyone’s journey to their definition of freedom is picture perfect.

Always Keep Fighting

I have fought mental health battles since I was young. These battles made me who I am today, a problem solving strategist. Someone who will push you to open your mind and see possibilities you may never have realized before.
And I will be by your side when I start poking holes to find the weak spots.

Just Keep Swimming

I also never back down from a challenge. This might come back to bite me in the ass one day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our two girls have special needs that require me to constantly be aware of variables that aren’t working, and improve them, evolve them, or just straight throw them overboard until something works.
Because something can always be changed. Your strategy is never written in stone or blood.
It’s OK to ditch what isn’t working and build a new strategy.

“Life is an adventure. A loop-de-loop rollercoaster stuck on GO. But an adventure worth experiencing.” – Me

Who am I?

Human. Wife. Mother.
Master at unraveling chaos.
Adventurer. Photographer. Writer.
Freelance Problem Solver and Editor.
Human Experience Strategist and Storyteller.
LGBTQ+ Ally. Furry Animal Lover. Pack Protector & Guardian.
Inspiring others is not lame. Wannabe Comedian is my middle name.
And real life is my claim to fame.
I am Kelly “Beast” Steele, MBA.

When I am not writing or corralling seven dogs, six cats, two kids, and one husband (who is just a grown-up kid)…

…I can be found exploring the woods with a camera in one hand, my inner therapist in my head, and my 10 essentials on my back.

horseshoe trail

I am a catastrophizer and damn proud of it.

I plan for all worst-case scenarios so I can be prepared. Thankfully, I was a catastrophizer before I had kids because the universe gave us two kids who cannot function if they are not prepared for all types of situations.

Instead of trying to ignore that superpower, I have leaned into it. And because I accepted that fact about me, I am not only able to see all the possibilities. Kind of like a real-life Sherlock Holmes.

I am able to see the silver lining in every dark cloud.
And because I can see the silver lining in every dark cloud… I don’t take a single moment for granted.

So when I write a story, your story, our story, their story,
I make every word, every sentence, every punctuation mark…
worth it.

Fun Fact

Whether I am reading a story or writing a story, I can visualize the world being created as each word passes. A drive-in movie theater fills my mind. Each word smells like buttery popcorn and inner me surges to life as each emotion holds me captive.

In the meantime: Adventure on with Curiosity,
~ Kelly “Beast” Steele MBA

My Happy Place