Who Am I?

I am a Storyteller. 
I am an Inspirational Persuader.
I am a finder of solutions….a solver of problems.

My pronouns are: she/her/hers

Kelly Steele
is my name.

I am a fierce Human, Adventurer, & Ally

is my game.

So far, you have learned what drives me.
But to truly get to know me, is to get to know my pack.
I have an endless need to explore and adventure and live and laugh and love….
…because of my pack. 

My passion for writing began in high school…
….a way to rebel against an English teacher who didn’t understand me…

No matter what struggles I have….
….no matter what inner battles I am fighting…
…no matter what drives my curiosity….
…no matter what adventures I find myself on.

I have always been able to count on writing. 
To catch me when I fall. 
To lift me up so that I can never stop doing what I do best: 
….showing humans that they are not alone.

My “Secret” Phobia

don’t tell anyone…
I accidentally told my scouts and they haven’t let me forget it yet…yes…I am a Scout Leader for 8-12 year olds!

My Backstory

> B.S. in Psychology, Business Minor (Portland State University ’11)
> MBA (Marylhurst University ’14)


> Home
> Nature
> Real World
> Anywhere my mind can find calm


Did you know: Hygge is pronounced hue-guh NOT hoo-gah…..learning something new everyday…(source)


> Follow our hero’s journey and watch as she stares the thoughts of giving up – straight in the eyes. 


> A soon to be 33 year old desperately searching for her purpose, unsure if she will ever find her calling. 

Plot Twist

> Death of best friend + Global Pandemic + All that is 2020 (x Existential Dread x Existential Dread) 

Truth: My story is still being written….and so is yours. 

Solution Resolution

> Our hero uncovers her truth. She has discovered the power of boundaries, of never backing down from a challenge….

> She learned what being bravely courageous meant to her, and finally embraced her crazy, weird super powers that she didn’t want to believe existed.

> She discovers the strength of living her truth boldly and unapologeticly herself.

> She realized that she doesn’t belong in a box, and figures out her true calling is forging a new path.

And then it finally clicked.
And she understood… the power of true Hygge.

> Understanding the power of true Hygge. (source)

The moral of our hero’s story:

                    Always keep fighting. 

                                When you are ready – your truth will find you…

                                            …you will find your purpose…

…and you will experience what your hygge feels like.

Who are the heroes in your story?

What is your story?
What keeps you going….day after day?
What do you dream about?
Who do you want to be when you grow up?
What is your Hygge?

How can my hero’s journey…..
….help your hero’s journey?