My Process

(Because I promise there is a method to my madness…)

Idea Seed Planted.

You are aware that you need help….with something…maybe you aren’t sure what.

Curiosity brings you here. 

You do a little more research on the competition and ultimately make a decision based on your gut. 

A Leap of Faith.

You are curious by nature so you decide to reach out for more information.

You answer the initial exploration questions.

And then you can sit back, take a deep break, because you know its going to be OK soon.

First Layover.

I have mail

I receive your letter. 
But I am a human with a Real Life. I will reply within 2 business days. I pinky promise.

Your Connection is Arriving.

I will reply with a selection of dates/times that we can connect over the phone to dive deeper.

youve got mail

I may OR may not….
have more exploratory questions…

Trip Planning/Exploration Call

Once a date/time has been selected – we will connect on said date at said time.

Personalized Journey begins here.
During our conversation – we will be able to see if we can get on the same page.

If we vibe – then we will continue our journey together.

If we do not vibe – then we mutually go our own ways – no harm no foul! And definitely no hurt feelings. Pinky Promise.

Now Boarding.

After our exploratory call – I will start packing all the essentials for our trip.

Once I have gathered the items, I will send you a packet with the details of our proposed trip – including, but limited to:

  • Outline of important travel dates
  • Quote of travel costs
  • Summary of trip details
    • Including: fine print, expectations, etc.
  • Confirmation of souvenirs purchased (aka deliverables)

Final Boarding Call

youve got mail

After reviewing the trip packet….the final decision is in your court. If, for some rare reason, you change your mind – that’s ok! Please let me know what you would like to be edited.

Prepare for Gate Departure


Challenge Accepted? Perfect! Once the Non-Refundable deposit is received to guarantee our trip today – we can prepare to push back from the gate. 

Prepare for Take-off

Thank you for choosing to fly with Spirited Wolf Media. I will be your guide on this trip. Welcome aboard!

Our trip time will be <insert trip length>. Your trip has been prepared so please sit back and relax. Our flight crew is ready to take off. 

If you have any questions or want to tells us a funny joke – push that send button and we will be by shortly.

This is your Writer, uh…. writing… 

Please sit back and do whatever you need to do…to relax.

We will check in shortly








0 Draft


1st Draft


In Flight Entertainment:
I will send you a copy of the first draft to look over.
It will NOT be perfect.
But this step will make sure we are both on the same page and headed in the right direction.

Alrighty Folx. Thank you for your feedback. 
Looks like the weather is going to be perfect for our trip.
I expect a smooth ride for the remainder of your journey with us.


2nd Draft


Final Draft

Nap Time

Descent / Prepare for landing

youve got mail

After nap time, I will send you the final draft for you to review. 


If no revisions are needed.. prepare to land

Holding Pattern

If revisions are needed, let me know!

2 Revisions are included free of charge with every journey

If additional revisions are needed – we will need to revisit the “Now Boarding Section” to update our trip itinerary.


Prepare for landing

youve got mail

Please prepare yourself.
We are about to conclude this journey.

As you disembark the plane, triple check that you have all of your items. 

Fun Fact:
The flight crew would love to hear how your journey went.

We have arrived at our destination

It has been a pleasure flying with you.
Once we land, you will receive the final balance total

And a shameless request from your guide – asking for a Rave Review!

Your Souveniers will be waiting for you in baggage claim located in the”Email Inbox” building

Make sure to pay for your parking ticket at any of the self-service kiosks

I have mail

We cannot wait to fly with you again. 


We will see you next time!