Let’s test out this law of attraction theory  shall we….(source)

A bucket list is:
 a list of things someone wants to accomplish before they die. 

I have a living list: 
a list of things I want to experience while I am still alive.

My Living List o’ Adventures


> Charter a boat to watch the lava from Mt. Kiluea boil the ocean and solidify quicker than a hummingbird. Float down the old sugar plantation canals in Kauai, experience the essence of Polynesian culture.

> Take my kids on a safari

>ROAD TRIP! There is a 3,160 mile road that runs from Newport, OR to Maine. Google Maps says it can be completed in 51hrs via I-94….crosses 12 states AND Canada.

> Visit all the waterfalls in the PNW.

>Hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail – or all – during my 40th year.


> Visit an archeological dig and be an Archeologist for the day. 

> RV Demolition Derby: Husband vs. Wife.

> Watch my husband build his dream rally car, and experience his first rally race as a driver

> I want to learn how to surf…on the Oregon Coast. Preferrably Pacific City.

>I want to go on a Ghost Adventure. I want to ask the spirits questions. I want to experience the unknown, see the un-seeable. I want to stay…overnight…inside a haunted location.

> I want to withness my girls finding their calling in life, their purpose….their truth

> A world record breaking chain of paying it forward

Journeys & Skills

> I want to enter a national Photography Exhibit – not for the goal to win any wards, but to experience the feeling of inspiring people. 

> Lose 150lbs. I want to bungee jump. I want to ride ALL the roller coasters. And I only currently 89 to go to be able to jump out of an airplane.

> Learn about Hygge from the masters

> Learn how to say: “Hi. Hello. My name is Kelly. How are you? How can I help you? You are worthy. You are loved. you are valued.” – in 9 different languages….because why not?

> I want to write the book that my best friend and I were brainstorming before she passed away.

> Be able to volunteer somehow to help the people I get to know along the way

> Earn all of my Rover Scout Badges