aka Methods of Storytelling

The only way for stories to be told…

…is to tell them…


…In some way…

You have come to the right place. 
I know that every journey is unique. 
I understand the importance of a customized, personalized experience. 

The importance of listening to what your customers want…
…understanding what motivates them to spend their money….
…their hard earned money with YOU, not a competitor

Shhh… you hear that?….
That’s your ideas speaking! 
What are they showing you?

Fun Facts:

Did you know: There are more than 100 million brain cells in your gut?!?

LSD was discovered because chemist Albert Hofmann trusted his gut. 

Moral of the story: 
Don’t just listen to yourself….trust yourself. 
Believe in yourself. 

But there is a catch. 

It isn’t actually as easy as it seems.

Trusting yourself takes a lot of mental practice. 

But once you learn how to quiet the external noise…

…and hone in on what your gut is trying to tell you…..

…you will wonder why you never trusted it in the first place…

Which brings me to the point of this page.

According to the 6-7 figure club writers in the Copywriting Industry – I am supposed to specialize in one (or two) “things” at a time. 

Logically – that makes sense. Get good at one thing and then move on.

So I experimented with that train of thought for awhile.

And it sucked. My brain fought every moment I was trying to fit myself in to this box. 

The box is a good idea, a great idea. I think it is the perfect place to start for many.

But the thing is…..
…I have never once been the person to play it safe

I go big because home is getting boring…  

But I don’t take risks without the research, without paying attention to the details.

The Strength of Stories

Legends. Myths. Poems. Magazines. Operas. Plays.  Novels. Breaking News. Movies. Bedtime Stories. 
No two journey are the same. No two stories are the same.
No two storytellers are the same. 

Your story is meant to be told by a storyteller who embodies a Real Life outside of the box.

Your story is not meant to be created in a box….
…your story is meant to be created as big as you can imagine…

Nothing in life is cut and dry, black and white. 

Colors exist for a reason.

Life is constantly evolving…. adapting.

And that includes the wants and needs and desires of our customers…
….your customers. 

No two stories are the same…
…even with the same foundation.

Your customers are going to progress back and forth constantly…

You will have new features/new products/new services…

Your company is going to progress back and forth constantly…

Your customers are going to change/evolve faster than your R&D…

You are going to progress back and forth constantly…

Your company is going to need to prove themselves worthy…

Woah woah woah.
Even that was a lot of information for me.
Let’s back up for a minute.

There’s. So. Many. Things. 
Are you as overwhelmed as I am with all the things that have to be done to cultivate amazing relationships with consumers?
How? Where? what…huh? 

Let’s both take a deep breath. 

You are in the right place.

We will get through this together. 

And that, my friends, is why you need a storyteller who specializes in Real Life.
One that can meet you where YOU are. 
One that will guide you safely to where YOUR customers are.

A storyteller that can look at the numbers, connect the dots, find the strengths. 

A storyteller that doesn’t leave a problem without a solution.

So what Services do I offer? In a nutshell…I kind of offer alot. 
I am going to be your one-stop shop for your story needs. 
Need something that you do not see down here? Let’s Connect. 

I am Bold. Loud. Crazy. Wild. 

>I am most definitely not everyone’s cup o’ tea, brand of coffee.
>I am a whole experience type of storyteller.
>I will need to experience what you want your consumers to experience…whatever form that may take
>Inspiration is action. Action is inspiration. 

Ideal for: 

>Writer’s needing a writer
>Soloprenuers AND Entrepreneurs
> Travel & Lifestyle companies
> Nonprofits
>A human with a story to share

Copy Polishing

>Current Copy Refresh
>Ancient Copy Updated

Creative Storytelling

>Press Releases
>Vlog/Podcast Script
>Product Reviews
>Experience Reviews

Content Creation

>Website Content


>Sales Letters
>UX Audits
>Primers aka 101’s
>Email Marketing

Company Building

>Business Plans
>Elevator Pitches

Yes…I do see that I put my services in boxes. The irony is not lost on me….
…a lot of these are not mutually exclusive. Services are not confined to the box I put them in today. 
For example – I can edit and proofread and refresh any copy you have already created….regardless of “category”.

Your experience with Spirited Wolf Media – will be tailored to your journey.
Actually…I double dog dare you to go look at my methods to see where the personalization begins…

So…if you need X, are in the Travel and/or Lifestyle market, doing Y things, or inspiring Z people – I might have the solution. 
You see.. I am the storyteller who never stops finding solutions and solving problems.