My Services

Whether your audience is at the beginning of their search for your solution, is a loyal fan, or anywhere in between – my services will help you:

Build Roots, Gain Visibility, Grow Community

The moment your audience finds you or hears about you or bumps into you – is the moment their journey with you begins.
And once that journey begins – every touchpoint is critical. From the website loading time to the checkout process and everything in between.

Before a customer hands over their hard-earned money – they need to be convinced. But not logically convinced.
Your customer needs to be emotionally convinced at every. single. turn.

Unless you are a unicorn – chances are, you will have competition.
And you will need that extra something that propels you past your competition.
That extra something that keeps you front and center in the minds of your audience.

Easier said than done.

In the era of 24/7 news – you need to put yourself where your customers are.

Paths to Captivating, Confident, Kickass Content

Included in ALL writing services of 1,000+ words:

(1) Pre-trip questionnaire to get on the same page
(1) Discovery Call
(2) Keywords Research
Topic Development

(1) Product/Service Demo to get the 360* scoop
(1) Image – stock or you provide
(2) Revisions
Curiosity & Adventure

Retainer & Prepay Options available*
*Monthly Packages: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months
*Pieces crafted: 2/mo, 3/mo, or 4 per month

Website Content
Important, because: personality, trust, convert.

Your website is something you should be proud to show off. A website that proves you are the Real Deal, that works for you while you are watching the sunset with your feet in the sand.

Each project is unique.
Contact me to discuss pricing
Emails / Newsletters
Important, because: connect, convert, retain.

Emails and newsletters are a necessary evil. One that requires balance between frequency and the value of information you provide.
Emails start at $50
Options include: one-off emails, email marketing strategy, cleaning of existing list, set up autoresponders, topic development.

Important, because: educate, inspire, convert.

Blogs are the playground where your entire brand story – goes to play. Here, you will begin new relationships, and deepen the ones you hang on to.

starting at $0.50/word
(save $0.10/word with monthly retainer)
Insider tip: the more words, the bigger the discount
Product / Experience Reviews
Important, because: know, like, Believe, convert.

Good GREAT reviews – have the power to spread like electricity. And when it’s merged into a story – your customers will be transported to a world where they can see your solution as the only solution.

Each review deserves its own moment to shine.
Please reach out so we can discuss details
Other Services Available

Don’t see what you are looking for? No worries.
I also write:
Case Studies, Brochures, Template Design, Business Plans, and Content Strategy Roadmaps

connect. educate. inspire. know. personality. like. retain. trust. believe. convert

Every step leads to an opportunity to convert.

Super Power Packages

A 1-on-1 30 min virtual hyper-focused, fresh perspective session to help you work through a specific issue

Sounding Board Session

Maybe you need help figuring out your elevator pitch or just need someone with a fresh perspective.

Using active empathetic listening, I will help you navigate to the root of whatever you need to figure out. Sometimes we all just need to talk out loud and we may not necessarily have someone that would get it. Everything is figureoutable and I am here to help you save the day.

Starting at $30/30 minutes

Cheerleading Devil’s Advocate Session

Maybe you need help looking at the smaller pieces of the bigger picture or you need someone to help you push past your comfort zone.

My purpose in this lifetime is to help you gain the confidence you need to make your dreams become reality. Couple that with my straightforward honesty – and I will also bring you back down to Earth.

Starting at $30/30 minutes