Why NOT Me?

What tasks are you having to take on these days? Do they all bring you comfort and peace? Or are you feeling lost in the woods, trying to navigate something that is not – or never will – bring you job?

Last week…I had a mental breakdown.
2020….has sucked.
All of the things –  hit at once.
I am not a teacher but I am expected to be.
I am expected to work from home, educate my children, be their best friends, be their mental health counselors….replace all the staff they had access to in-school…

I love my girls and would do anything for them…
….but I am only one human.

Of course….this isn’t my full list of “things” required of me these days. 
But it IS a full list of things that my brain struggles with. 
I love my girls….But this whole distance learning gig – is not bringing me joy….

Humans are social creatures.
We are not meant to do all the things…all by ourselves. 

Pre-2020 me…would have frozen, given up before I even tried.
Post-2020 me…is feeling the freeze, but not staying there

Pre-2020 me…would have shut down.
Post-2020 me…is learning how to persevere

Pre-2020 me…
would have shouted from the rooftops that she can do it herself
(narrator: heh….we all know that isn’t true…)

Post-2020 me…
….is discovering that she has an entire support network that I can call on when I need helps, tips, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or even just a good laugh.

What is a support network? Great Question. Here is one of many many many different articles on the topic.

What does your support network look like? Who is there for you when you have a frustrating day? A day where nothing seems to go right? I hope you have an amazing support network like I do. Everybody, regardless of profession – is worthy of a support network.

The Strength of Stories

A story is not strong because it is a story. 
A story is strong because of details…
…characters, plots, settings, themes, knick knacks, sounds, etc.
A story is strong….because the Storyteller brings each detail to life.
A story sells – because of the emotion, knowledge, trust – a strong story builds

I am your ideal writer if you are...
A Solopreneur
Or Entrepreneur needing help with organization? Confidence for launch day?
A small business
Who needs help adapting, keeping up, or maybe polishing the edges.
Is your company...
...to tread water in 2020?
Blending in...
...instead of standing out?
Rough around the edges...
not making the impression you want it to?
I can help
Maybe you are....
Eager to adapt...
But not sure how to connect with your consumers.
Letting Fear & Worry...
Hold you back
Not sure where...
...or HOW to start.
i can help
Do you need...
Bold...out of the box?
fresh, updated....modern?
Completely different than you have ever seen before?
I can Help

A professor once told our class: 
“Don’t ask why. Ask why not. Because the answer you receive, will be the answer you are looking for.”

It makes absolutely no sense AND perfect sense…at the same time. 

Which is probably why It has stuck with me all these years…..

Why not try something new? Why not follow your curiosity? 

YOU ARE: A Master of your Craft.

I to help

I will be a part of your

You have learned that your brain is much more flexible when you are doing something that brings you joy. 

You have other things to do…to focus on: R&D, Employees, Financials, Goals, Financials, Becoming an expert in your industry, Budget. 

Let me take this piece, this task, this hat – off your plate…so you can continue thriving with whatever you do best.

I AM: A Master of my Craft.

I write…no… I create. build.
I craft….Inspirational Persuasion Stories. 

Stories that bring details to life.

Stories that are carefully designed to compel customers to act

Stories that pull customers in.

Stories that induce F.O.M.O

Stories that are thoughtfully designed to make customers think

Stories that are an experience themselves.